Board of Directors

President – Nick Porada email
Voting Position. Oversees the organization and upholds the rules and regulations of the Commerce Chargers and the Southeast Michigan Youth Football Association.

Vice-President – Scott Palmer email
Voting Position. Oversees responsibility of all Directors and Managers. Primary representative for the Chargers at league meetings. Reviews with Board, all league proposals and changes for Board approval or disapproval. Informs league of Board’s decisions or recommendations. Assists and covers the President’s duties in his/her absence. Assists in any area requiring additional help (Directors, Board Member, etc.) Chairperson of Rules Committee as stated in the by-laws. Oversees all daily athletic activities of the Chargers organization.

Treasurer – Paul Phillips email
Voting Position. Maintain monetary record integrity for the Chargers Football organization. Report on current budget status at all board meetings. Pay all outstanding bills. Provide Income/Loss expense report at annual meeting for the general membership. Provide current, updated yearend report on the budget and expense status for the incoming administration. Chairperson on the Budget Committee. Maintains the P.O. Box.

Secretary – Nicole Warden email
Voting Position. Take minutes at all Board meetings. Provide meeting minutes to all board members. Provide memorandums and informative bulletins to the general membership when required. (Includes Newsletter) Coordinate with registrar the printing and any mailing of the yearly registration forms. Assist with registration proceedings. Assist with equipment handout. Prepare all communications on behalf of Chargers (i.e., weekly communications, correspondence, thank you letters, etc.) Work with directors in preparing forms and flyers (sponsorship forms, registration packet, cheer activity flyers, concession signs, flyers for special events, etc.) Prepare Announcer Book for all home games. Communicate with Parent Directors in disseminating emails and information to families. Work with Webmaster on updating web site with new information. Local publicity.

Purchasing Director – Amber Reed email
Voting Position Oversees all purchasing. Administers a purchase order system that is cost and time effective and meets the day-to-day needs or the Board. Oversees and coordinates with the Board, the procurement of items such as but not limited to: promotional items, administrative needs, cheer equipment, cheer uniforms, football equipment, football uniforms, spirit wear, and coach’s apparel. Issue and Authorize all purchase orders in conjunction with board approval and purchasing polices.

Registrar – Trina Porada email
Voting Position. Oversees and coordinates registration day activities and requirements. Maintains at least two copies of all registration forms, birth certificates and physicals. One copy to be on hand at all games. Oversees the fulfillment of all squad rosters. Maintains and provides updated roster sheets and player mailing lists for the Chargers organization and League organization. Reports and provides to treasurer with all registration fees paid. Mails reminders to all current players of any registration fees that may be due before the start of the new season. Oversees annual Meet and Greet activity.

Concessions Director – OPEN email
Voting Position. ServSafe certified. Purchases and maintains inventory of all concession equipment and supplies. Handles all monies and deposits with the treasurer for the game day receipts on game day. Coordinates 50/50 raffle coverage on game days. Oversees the Program selling assistants and Volunteer Coordinator. Coordinates and reconciles all financial transactions with Purchasing Director and Treasurer.

Equipment Director – Tim Downey email
Voting Position. Coordinates with Athletic and Purchasing Directors the procurement of all equipment and apparel required for football. Maintain accurate inventory of all equipment and uniforms for the football players. Maintains all equipment in working condition. Recommends purchase of required equipment. Responsible for game day required equipment for all squads (balls, water, etc.) Coordinates equipment handout and turn-in day. Secures location for equipment hand out. Coordinates and reconciles all financial transactions with Purchasing Director and Treasurer.

Athletic Director – Anthony Munafo email
Voting Position. Secondary representatives for the Chargers at league meeting. Oversees all game day field preparation and responsibilities. Oversees responsibility of football coaching staff. Interviews, approves, and selects Head Coaches and staff for Football program. Presents selected staff to the board for concurrence. Mediates all parental and Board interference with respective coaching personnel. If discipline or termination of coaching personnel is deemed necessary, brings issue/action to board for concurrence. Presents proposed football roster size for each level to board for approval.

Cheer Director – Christina Kane email
Voting Position. Interviews, approves and selects Head Coaches and staff for Cheer program. Presents selected staff to the board for concurrence. Coordinates with Registrar the filling of squad roster. Maintains accurate inventory of all uniforms and equipment required by cheerleaders. Coordinates weekly game day program with respective coaching staff. Oversees the Homecoming day half-time program. Researches and provides the board with clinics that may be available for coaches & Cheerleaders. Responsible along with Equipment Manager for turning in all uniforms on designated date. Responsible for coordinating the Cheerleading Pep Rally. Responsible for sizing all cheerleaders and communicating all cheer orders with the purchasing director. Coordinates and reconciles all financial transactions with Purchasing Director and Treasurer.

Special Events Director – Erica Palmer email
Voting Position. Coordi
nates events for the Chargers throughout the year.  Events may include items such as a family picnic, Homecoming Game festivities, Pep Rally, Pizza party, Parents Party, and the Team banquet.  Events may be added or remove at the discretion of the Special Events Director and/or Board. Appoints assistant managers to assist in coordinating events. Provides event dates for board concurrence. Coordinates picture day. Coordinates and reconciles all financial transactions with Purchasing Director and Treasurer.

Player Safety Coach – Nicholas Porada
Maintains and sets up AED equipment on game days. Coordinates emergency game day medical coverage. Ensure all coaches within the organization have completed the USA Football Level 1 Coach Certification course prior to season start. Conduct one Heads Up Coaches clinic for all coaches (clinic to cover equipment fitting, proper tackling, reducing helmet contact, and concussion management). Conduct one Player Safety clinic for parents (clinic to cover equipment fitting, proper tackling, reducing helmet contact, and concussion management). Assume responsibility for checking that coaches are properly teaching Heads Up Tackling and using the Levels of Contact approach to reduce helmet contact in practices. Observe practices. As needed, provide guidance to coaches relative to Heads Up Football’s points of emphasis. Attend games. Serve as an on-field expert and point of contact for player health and safety recommendations and concerns.

Media Director – Diana Phillips email
Voting Position. Manage website files, updates and site modifications. Assist in setup and usage of team management software, manage and post new relevant content to social media accounts, yearbook creation. Maintain records of logins for all web accounts (site/SM/team software) and train new administrators and users for those areas as needed. 

Fundraising Director – Chelsea Sohn email
Voting Position. Oversees and coordinates primary and secondary fundraising events. Researches and submits new ideas for board approval and concurrence. Reports and provides all funds received to treasurer. Responsible for collection of all pledged funding. Notification to all delinquent fundraising issues. Coordinates and reconciles all financial transactions with Purchasing Director and Treasurer.

Spirit Wear Director – Raechale Rivera email
Voting Position. Oversees and coordinates all Charger spirit wear, branding and publicity needs. Designs and facilitates the annual spirit wear items to be sold online and in the game booth. Manages spirit wear inventory to maximize community acceptance and minimize risk. Coordinates with Registrar, Fundraising Director, Volunteer Coordinator and Special Events Director to help design and facilitate individual spirit wear initiatives. Coordinates and reconciles all financial transaction in excess of $250 with the Purchasing Director and Treasurer. Coordinates and reconciles all financial transactions with Purchasing Director and Treasurer.

Volunteer Coordinator – OPEN email
Voting Position. Oversees and coordinates volunteer shifts and volunteer sign-ups. Reports and provides volunteer schedules and volunteer names for each game.  Tracks volunteer participation and ensures compliance with volunteer responsibility as outlined in parent contract.

Concerns – email

  • Any concerns you would like our board to address may be directed here.

Flag Parent Director – Diana Phillips email
Freshman Parent Director – Erin Nest email
JV Parent Directors – Trina Porada
Varsity Parent Director – Jessica Wolf email
Cheer Parent Director – Stevie Barry email